Centre of researches and documentation of the Hellenism of the Balkans and the Black Sea Countries ( C.R.D.H.B.B.S.C.)

The association of "Saint George Peristereotas" after the inspired initiative of its formal chairman Konstantinos Kyriakidis and with the essential "complicity" of the later chairman of the association Anastasios Kyriakidis, founded and brought into operation in 1995 the "centre of researches and documentation of the Hellenism of the Balkans and the Black Sea Countries". This centre is accommodated in association's privately-owned facilities in 4 Olympioy Georgaki str. , in Thessaloniki. The centre’s spaces allocate suitable material and technical substructure for carrying out congresses, seminars, reports and for researching scientific work. The scientific persons in charge of the researching programs are, as provided in the Articles of the association, academic professors. From the beginning of its operation in 1995, chairman of the researching centre has been the professor of Faculty of Theology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Mr. Ioannis Tarnanidis and director of the centre the lecturer of the Pedagogic Faculty of Democritus University of Thrace, Mrs. Maria Bergeti.

The foundation and operation of the researching centre have aim, based on the Articles of the association, the study of the Hellenism of the Balkans and of the Black Sea Countries, the systematic research into the emigration waves from this countries, the study of policy in Greece and in International Community towards these democracies, the support of the historical and cultural bonds and the economic collaboration between Greece, the Balkan and the Black Sea Countries, the creation of a communication and countenance network between the Hellenic Hellenism and the Greek populations of dissemination. Finally ,in the aims of the centre are included and the production of educational, supervisory and auxiliary material for the support and promotion of research ,as well as the undertaking of all kinds of scientific initiatives and activities in order to renders approachable for the society the centre's scientific knowledge and its orientations.

It has materialised four researching programs:

"Homogenous from the former Soviet Union, 1985-1995: questions of accommodation, employment, identity". Time of materialization of the program: 1996-1998.

"Integration of Pontiac doctors in the Greek reality". Time of materialization of the program: 1998-1999.

"Nefeli" . Time of materialization of the program: 1998-1999.

"Odysseus" . Time of materialization of the program: 1998-2000.

For these four community researching programs scientific responsible was the lecturer of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and director of our Scientific centre Mrs. Maria Bergeti and they were all materialised in collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Two of these researching programs have been published, the first one titled "Homogenous immigrants from former the Soviet Union, 1985-1995: Questions of accommodation, employment, identity", and the second titled "Integration of Greek doctors of Pontic origin from the former Soviet Union in the Greek reality".

The researching centre collaborates with public and private institutions that deal with subjects of emigration and repatriation. It is particularly sensitised in the subjects of education and intellectual culture, both for the indigenous Greeks and the Greeks of Dissemination as well. In the context of supporting Greek Schools, where the Greek element intensely exists, the consignment of pecuniary aid in a school in which Greek language is taught in Tiflis, in collaboration with the "Merimna of Ladies of Pontus" and the "Kromnaion Kalamarias" Associations, is also included.

The researching Centre is in a position - because of its material and technical substructure-to collaborate with other researching centres, associations and societies both in intellectual and in practical level as well. It allocates the auditorium for various events and lectures in Associations but also in other intellectual institutions. What the centre has sought and continues seeking from the start of its foundation, is the promotion of the researching activity and the admirable collaboration with all the intellectual institutions in Greece and Abroad.