History of the Pontian Studies Congress

The International Congresses of Pontian Studies are the initiative of the Research Centre of Saint George Peristereota and their purpose is to coordinate the pontian studies by bringing together the new developments in pontiology and the scientists who deal with the pontian studies in Greece and abroad.

In this context, the association of Saint George Peristereota, the Euxinos Lesxi of Thessaloniki, the Centre of Pontian Studies, the Merimna Pontion Kirion and the association of Pontian students mounted a scientific symposium from the 30/1/2004 until the 1/12/2004 in order to show their reverence for:

a) Anthony Bryer, professor of history, byzantinologist, founder of the Centre of Byzantine, Othomanic and Greek Studies of the university of Birmingham in England.

b) Odysseas Lampsidis, doctor of philosophy, historian, byzantinologist, chairman of the Comitee of Pontian Studies and publisher of the very important scientific magazine "Archio tou Pontou".

The goal of this scientific symposium was not only to honour these scientists, who intimated the pontian history and culture from antiquity till the byzantine years with their original research and their general contribution to this field, but also to highlight and present the evidence who determine the identity of Pontian Hellenism and demonstrate its existence till the 21st century.

The first international Congress, entitled "Peri Pontou", included a reference to the contribution of Mr. Bryer and Mr. Lampsidis, on Friday the 30th of January and scientific announcements on Saturday the 31st of January and on Sunday the 1st of February. This international congress, whose chairman was the professor of History of Hellenism in the university of West Macedonia, Mr. Kostas Fotiadis, had a great number of lecturers and was evolved to the most important scientific event occupied with the study of the pontian history and culture.

The reports of the 1st international Congress for pontian studies entitled Scientific Symposium "Peri Pontou" will be presented during the 2nd international congress of Pontian studies that will take place in Drama from the 27th till the 29th of September 2008.

You can click here for the programme and the lecturers of the 1st Congress.

The second international Congress of Pontian studies will take place in Drama, from the 27th till the 29th of September 2008. In this congress, famous lecturers from Greece, England, United States, Turkey, Russia and others will participate. The congress will honour the Russian professor of history of the middle ages Mr. Sergei Karpov and the memory of the musician Odysseas Dimitriadis for the 100 years from his birth.

Chairman of the scientific committee will be the professor of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Mrs. Artemis Xanthopoulou-Kiriakou and honorary president will be Mr. Anthony Bryer.